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A N I M E AVATARS(each 80 x 80 or smaller and 19.5 kb or less)
 Berserk   macho Guts and elegant Griffith, having a heart to heart...and stuff..  
 Drawn Together   Xandir the fairy elf. Strictly not anime, but he's very yaoish. 
 Fake   Dee eager to go the distance. Go Dee go! 

 You know what? Bikky would really, really hate this avatar. 

 Ditto. <3  

 This one, not so much. Ol' sticky JJ. 

 Another amorous attempt foiled by the little blondie bastard! 

 With this one, I may just have covered every single kiss in the entire OVA. O.O  

 Good thing Ryo buys shirts that don't rip easily, hm? Wait, that's really more of a bad thing... 
 Fruits Basket   What's Kyou's problem, huh? I wouldn't mind waking up with a snake like that... 
   He who provides most of the 'fruit' in 'Fruits basket' 
 Fujimi Orchestra   Takes me back to my days in the high school orchestra, that it does... 
   Young conductors are. So. Hot. So majestic and in masterful control... 
 Gravitation   Yuki says: before you whip it you've got to lick it. Lick it good. 
   This is a naughty, naughty avatar...to be used at your own discretion. 
 Kizuna - classic. 
 From when Ranmaru was almost killed in a hit meant for Enjoji. 
 In case you're wondering, Enjoji is saying "Ran-chan". It's his favorite word by a long shot. 
 Things got so fluffy, our darling pair became, er, airborne. 
 Kyou Kara Maou   Gunter gets another nosebleed at the sight of his beloved 'heka'. Not much of an avatar, admittedly, but still funny. 
   Detail of the end credits which screamed "make me into an icon already". Wolfram following his fiancÚ around. 
   ...and the follow-up. 
   Ditto but with Yuuri on the run from Gunter. A bucket of cold water here? 
   Bickering and blushing as if they're engaged...hang on, they are engaged... 
   Gwendal lost his balance - but the landing was not at all unpleasant for either. 
   A pretty silly, playful one: Yuuri shaking his can while playing the, er, flute. It should be obvious by now that I like this series entirely too much... 
 Naruto   One blushes nervously. One smiles. One blushes some more. Enjoying each other's company, know what I mean? 
   Alternate version where Naruto is gay (Sasuke being gay in any version). And Sakura is now a yaoi fangirl! 
 Revolutionary Girl Utena   Akio driving with his jacket billowing in the wind 
   Lookin' pretty on the hood of his car. "Look ma, no hands and no shirt!" 
 Sensei no Ojikan   Suetake and Kudou, the latter is completely obsessed with the former but Suetake is too naive to see it. ^_^;;  
 X TV   Tragedy. Romeo & Romeo. 

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