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July 2006

  • My article, "Choosing the Right Kind of Sunglasses" was published in the Second Issue of Tallahassee Woman Magazine, a publication based in Florida. It has a circulation of 24,000 reaching over 70,000 women from 500 locations in and around Tallahassee, including the coastal area, Quincy, Havana, Monticello, and Thomasville.

  • I received a paperback book written by Richard A. Singer Jr. for winning Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds of the Past and Present Contest.

  • A translation agency based in the United Kingdom invited me to join their team of translators. The subject is tourism and has about 900 English words for translation into official Filipino language for a website. The rate is per source word in British pounds.

  • My poem, "On a Moonlit Night" was picked as a "Showcase Poem" for July in

June 2006

  • The editor of a national health magazine, Health and Home personally congratulated me via long distance call on being accepted for the October issue of their magazine. This is the second time that they've accepted my work. The mag pays Php 250 per work accepted.

  • I received an honorable mention in the recently held
    Secret Poetry Competition for a piece I've written about "introspection".

  • The owner of CyFocus Network asked me to write (press releases, content articles, etc) for and In exchange I get a free .com domain and ad-free web hosting (hosting is shared with CyFocus Network of businesses) with 24x7 free telephone support, e-mail support & web based support. My new domain is now registered and my co-webmaster is now working on the splash page of the site.

  • I received an invitation from the founder of ALFED, Atty. Manuel Lino Faelnar to take the position of ALFED's Municipal Coordinator for Consolacion. ALFED (Alliance for Language Traditions and Federalism) is a party list which seeks to promote, protect and defend the interests of the Non-Tagalog Filipino languages which are being marginalized by the national language policy of the government.

  • Tranxend Design's owner, Chris Aguinaldo showed interest in my writings and proposed that I write articles on subjects that are related to graphic design, web design, photography, and everything else within the scope of design. Compensation is paid thru paypal in U.S. dollars.

  • I received a request from Mark Erasquin to proofread his website including all subpages. Payment is in Philippine currency.

  • Focus Outsourcing in Mandaue City, Cebu asked me to write web contents for their company. My sole responsibility is to deliver high quality, unique and professional articles based on the supplied materials.

May 2006

  • I was voted Writer of the Month at New Age Inc. for my poem entitled, "Tryst".

  • My poem, "Unrequited Love" has been selected for inclusion in a love anthology to be released in 2007. The publisher is a popular poetry publishing imprint in the UK.

  • I received a postal mail (an Acceptance/© Copyright form enclosed) from a publishing company informing me that my poem, "Aurora" was chosen as one of the poems that made it to the final selection for a special publication of the biggest rhyming verses collection. The book will be in a case bound large format carefully tailored to a very high standard which will feature a letter blocked cloth case; a page marking ribbon and a wrap-around full colour glossy dust jacket. The book can be purchased at a retail price of £29.95 after the release date.

  • Andy Hagans, founder of a US-based firm which performs Internet Marketing Services emailed me for a job opportunity at his company. The position requires exposition-type writing on varied topics with flexible hours & workload (20 hours a week).

April 2006

  • My article, "10 Ways to Reduce Commuting Stress" was the Editor's pick at for "Best New Article for March 2006". The prize was a $25 gift check.

  • My other article, "Why We Shouldn't Worry" was also's Featured Article for the months of March and April.

March 2006

  • I won by a head in's Self-esteem Contest. The prize is a signed copy of Nadia Brown's first full-length book, Unscrambled Eggs. This book won the AAA (American Authorís Association) Poetry Book of Merit Award for 2005.

  • I received an email from She Unlimited Magazine's editor informing me that my article "Surviving Heartbreak Hell" has been featured in their magazine.

February 2006

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