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January 8, 2006 8:20pm - Maticolotto

Happy new year, although it's already been a week since it started. A new article is up today: "About the Astral Plane", by JediKaren. You can read it here or in the Astral Projection section. I've also fixed a very minor error regarding the last entry in the news - instead of December 24, like now, it said November. I'm human too. :)

December 24, 2005 3:45pm - Maticolotto

Merry christmas in advance! As a present, this year, we uploaded one more article, about grounding. You can find it here or in the Energy Manipulation section.

November 26, 2005 8:20pm - Maticolotto

Not as big of an update as the previous one, but still an update. The Links page has been totally redesigned and updated. Check it out if you're looking for related sites.

October 29, 2005 6:25pm - Maticolotto

And exactly 6 months after the last update, the site changes again! There are three new articles: one under Other (Making a Site), one under Empathy (Dealing with Negative Emotions), and another under Telepathy (All in the Mind), all by JediKaren. Make sure to check them all out!

Well, we are sorry that we hadn't updated in such a long time, but there wasn't much to post. I hope you enjoy the updates and stay tuned to the site from now on.

April 29, 2005 3:25pm - JediKaren

All right, Maticolotto is taking a break so I'm in charge of the site now. There is a new article up under Other Skills - the one who was supposed to be up a month ago. You can check it out if you want.

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