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Picture created by Ms. Tricia Joanna Pascua.

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--originally 48, now only 46. [minus Angeline Lazaro and Angeline Quinto]


--were blockmates from second year up to fourth year.


--2nd year adviser : Ms. Gloria Magcamit.

--3rd year adviser: Mrs. Ophelia Noval.

--4th year adviser: Mrs. Estrella Alcabedas.


--contains representatives for volleyball [Lie], basketball, [Ria and Zaza], badminton [Jude], and table tennis [Mayor, Mercy, and Badet].


--contains the Theresian Student Council treasurer for SY 2002 - 2003 [tweet]


--has 2 representatives for a nationwide math contest [macap and erin]


--has a representative in the debate team [dianne]


--has 3 editors in the theresians mag: features [riezl], photo [barb], and layout [yot].


--consistent winner in basketball intramurals.


--all plays [kabuki, merchant, macbeth, hercules, grease] were successful.


--dramatic monologue first place [riezl] and second place [mich]


--artwork by mich won a nationwide contest.


--fourth year quiz bee first placer [anne]


--has its own band: The Underwater Fire Extinguisher. [vocalist: Kat; drums: Zaza, keyboards: Magge; bassist: Anne; with guitarist import from IV-4 (cj)].


--had a movie marathon in Zaza's house [watched Ringu 0 and Ringu 2]

--is in abundance with Archie digests.


--has own room in IRC but is taken over [#abusababoy]


--has a habit of screaming for no reason during dismissal [3rd year]


--"was proclaimed by the beautiful judges as last place in the dance production while everyone says we should be third." - lady fury.


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-- ze future IV-5
-- ka-batch IV-1


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