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(Mostly) Movie Merchandise
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In which I mercilessly make fun of Tolkien merchandise, and also tell you what Galadriel-related products are out there. Most of them are tied to the New Line movies, but not all. Note: I have purchased none of these, so I cannot vouch for their quality or lack of.

Dolls, Figures, and Statues

Barbie as Galadriel Collector's Doll - Kind of creepy, but not nearly as creepy as the Ken as Legolas doll, so I guess I forgive them. And apparently she has pointed ears!

Galadriel Entranced Action Figure - IT HAS LIGHT-UP EYES. Galadriel-going-green is one of the few scenes in the movies that makes me wince a bit, but... LIGHT-UP EYES. Awesome.

The Lady Galadriel Statue - Quite impressive.

Lothlorien Action Figure Gift Pack - Aragorn, Frodo, Galadriel, Haldir, and Celeborn. Yes, that's right, there's a Celeborn action figure!

The Mirror of Galadriel miniature - a collectable metal miniature of Galadriel. This site has lots of neat miniatures; Galadriel and Celeborn in armor are available here, two more Galadriels are here and here, and another Celeborn is here.


Brooch of Galadriel - The description for this piece is delightfully ridiculous: "From her porcelain skin to her golden hair, this elven enchantress is the embodiment of purity." Right then. The brooch is pretty, though.

Elven Leaf Brooch - Book License - For the purists, I guess. Admittedly more like what I pictured while I was reading, but not as pretty as the movie version!

Elven Leaf Brooch - Movie License - Actually, now that I compare it to the book version, it occurs to me that this looks nothing like any leaf I have ever seen. Oh well.

Galadriel Necklace - A lovely Nenya necklace.

Nenya - Movie License - Shiny. (Though in this product description, Galadriel is "Queen of the Elves." All of them.)

Nenya - Apparently the cheap version of above.

Nenya - Book License - Also shiny. Has a pretty beech-leaf pattern on the ring itself.

Other Stuff

Fellowship of the Ring Poster - She's only in the corner. Hey, you take what you can get.

Galadriel Pewter Goblet - This is so creepy.

Galadriel Pewter Shot Glass - Less creepy, because Galadriel's hand isn't holding up her head, but still unsettling.

Celeborn Pewter Goblet - This gets props for existing. Nevertheless creepy.

Celeborn Pewter Shot Glass - Still! Creepy!

Galadriel Limited Edition Collector Plate - If you're into the whole... plate-collecting thing, this is pretty neat-looking.

Galadriel Return of the King Postcard - Pretty, and not even overpriced.

Galadriel Two Towers Bookmark - the best part of this is how little Galadriel was in TTT, although maybe this harks back to the whisper of cut scenes floating around the Internet.

Limited Edition Lord of the Rings Autographed Lithograph - Nifty. You could, like, hang it somewhere.

Phial of Galadriel - This is absolutely lovely and would be fun to use on people you don't like, coupled with some spontaneous quoting of Elvish.

Return of the King Forces Poster - pictures and bios of the Good Guys in RotK.

Rub-on Elven Leaf - By which they mean "temporary tattoo." Cool beans.

Hard To Find

Burger King Galadriel and Celeborn - neat little promotional pieces.

Fellowship of the Ring 12" Galadriel - Looks impressively unlike Cate Blanchett, but very rare, apparently. You can buy it here for Too Much.

Galadriel Crest Pendant - Necklace modeled off movie!Nenya, I guess. No longer being produced, but you can probably find it on Ebay.

Headdress of Galadriel - Pretty freakin' cool if you have $500 and you can find it.

Lady Galadriel Bust - This is freakily realistic. But it's out of stock at the moment.

Lothlorien Baby Doll Tee - This doesn't seem to exist anymore. But it did once!

Lothlorien Flag - Not entirely sure of the point of this. Still, it exists somewhere out there.

Toyvault Galadriel Action Figure - pre-movie action figure.