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General Tolkien Links
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Amanye Tenceli - detailed information about Tengwar, one of the Elven writing systems.

Ardalambion - The best site out there for information about Tolkien's languages.

Dan Smith's Fantasy Fonts - an excellent collection of Elvish script fonts. Postcardware.

The Encyclopedia of Arda - One of the best places on the net to find information about the world of Middle-earth. You can find basic encyclopedia entries, maps, images, and lots of timeline and calendar information.

Entmoot - A very good Tolkien forum. The people are friendly, the discussions are interesting, and newbies are very welcome. Most of the forums are Tolkien-related, but there are forums for broader topics too.

Hisweloke - The Sindarin Dictionary Project - Translate from English to Sindarin or vice versa, or simply take a look at their full dictionary.

J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth - Michael Martinez's insightful and engaging critical essays. Martinez no longer writes for this column, but his essays can be found in the archives.

Mellonath Daeron - A language guild whose online publications contain well-researched and accessible information about Tolkien's writings and languages.

One Ring - Probably the best Tolkien site directory I've seen.

Parma Endorion: Essays On Middle-earth - An e-book by Michael Martinez, delving into the nitty-gritty details of history, life, and culture in Middle-earth.

The Seat of Kings - A well-designed site that features transcripts, screencaps, and an analysis of the musical score of Peter Jackson's movies.

The Silmarillion - Silmarillion skins for The Sims! I don't even own this game, but they're still wildly entertaining to look at.

The Thain's Book - An impressively detailed Lord of the Rings encyclopedia. Not as expansive as the Encyclopedia of Arda (above), but considerably more detailed.

The Tolkien Meta-FAQ - A list of frequently-asked Tolkien questions, such as the eternal "Do balrogs have wings?"

Wikipedia: List of Middle-earth articles - the master list of Wikipedia Middle-earth articles, many of which are impressively detailed.

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