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Galadriel Links
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Anor Ah Ithil - A Celeborn and Galadriel fan site. Lengthy biographies, terrific family tree, and fan art and writings.

BobMoCo Middle-earth Glossary - A History of Galadriel - A really excellent biography of Galadriel that makes me jealous.

Galadriel Worshippers Army - This is, as far as I know, the oldest Galadriel site on the Net. It has a biography and pictures of Galadriel and of other women in Tolkien's works.

Lady of Lorien - A beautifully designed Galadriel fan site with biographical information, art, fan fiction, and more. [link broken]

La Vanima ve Míri - Another lovely fan site with biographical information, icons and wallpaper, and a great screencap collection.

Lit With Gold - A Galadriel fan site with a beautiful book-art layout and well-documented information, including a discussion of Galadriel's exile. Mirrored here, but without the fanlisting.

Lothlórien, the Golden Wood - While this page is for players of the Elendor Lórien MUSH, an online RPG, it has a lot of great information, including a history of Lothlórien and information about Elves in general. Some of the resources (notably the maps) are artificial constructs valid for the Elendor RPG only, but they're still fun to look at. [link broken]

Specialty Tour: The Journey of Galadriel - A "tour" of Galadriel's life, from her beginnings in Valinor to her departure at the Grey Havens. Lots of quotes and art.

The Thain's Book - Galadriel - Another really excellent biography of Galadriel that makes me equally jealous.

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