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An informal list of the reference materials I used to write the biography, timeline, and alternate versions pages.

The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (Letters)

The Lord of the Rings, first edition - I certainly don't have a copy of this, but I've culled information from Christopher Tolkien's remarks in Unfinished Tales regarding it.

The Lord of the Rings, second edition (LotR)

Morgoth's Ring - I used dates from the "Annals of Aman" with a disclaimer.

The Peoples of Middle-earth - notably "Of Dwarves and Men"

The Road Goes Ever On (RGEO) - I don't have access to a copy of this, but I am familiar with the gist of the Galadriel-centric material, again partly thanks to Christopher Tolkien's quotage.

Sauron Defeated - specifically the unpublished LotR epilogue

The Silmarillion (Silm)

The War of the Jewels - used dates from "The Grey Annals," also with a disclaimer.

Unfinished Tales (UT) - especially "The History of Galadriel and Celeborn"

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